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4 watt MR16 Dimmable LED Light Bulb

The MR16 4 watt LED Light Bulb from LED Montreal makes LED lighting more affordable than ever! The 4 watt LED Light Bulb features 4 ultra bright Epistar 1 watt LEDs chips that can easily replace a 50 watt halogen or incandescent bulb. Unlike it's halogen counterpart, the 4 watt LED Light Bulbs will consume over 10 times less energy without generating intense heat. Furthermore, the 4 watt LED Light Bulb will last much longer than regular bulbs, greatly reducing the frequency of bulb replacement. At under $10, this is the best quality and brightest LED bulb that you can get. The MR16 4 watt LED Light Bulb runs on 12V DC

MR16 4 watt LED Light Bulbs are available in two shades of white: Warm White for a lighting that resembles standard incandescent and halogen lighting or Cool White, a bluer lighting that could be compared to the one produced by neon. More information on Cool and Warm White are available here. The shade of White of your LED Bulb as well as the socket can be selected from the drop down menu.

Technical Specifications MR16 4w LED Bulb
Housing: Aluminum base 
Socket: MR16
Dimensions: length 45mm (52mm with pins) / diameter at top 48.5mm
LED Chip Brand: Epistar 
LED Consumption: 4W 
Equal to common halogen: 50W 
Dimmable: Yes
Input Voltage: 12V DC 
Beam Angle: 60 degrees 
CCT Warm White 3000K Lumens: 450lm 
CCT Cool White 5000K Lumens: 460lm 
Working Temperature: -10~50° 
Storage temperature: -20~50° 
For indoor usage only In a dry environment


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