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Amazing Magnetic globe and antigravity floating display
This special edition magnetic globe also doubles as an antigravity rotation display. Simply unscrew the globe and remove the magnetic disk inside, use it as a floating base to display any small object under 200 grams.
Featuring electro-magnetic levitating technology, the magnetic globe floats and continuously rotates above an ultra-sleek mirrored finish base, and is sure to be an excellent conversation starter. With it's blue ocean globe ball and high tech modern design, the Anti-Gravity globe is extremely pleasing to the eye, while demonstrating the wonders and mysteries of electro-magnetism.
Adorning your desk at work or at home, this magnetic globe will make for a handsome display of what the earth looks like from outer space, as it floats nobly, bound to the gravitational pull of our nearest star.
Tis magnetic floating globe uses state-of-the-art technology to create a magnetic field in which the globe floats. The power is derived from the Ion’s lustrous base which, aside from keeping the globe aloft and giving the whole unit a stylish look, also allows the 11cm globe to rotate in midair!





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