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Battery Powered Fairy LED Strings

The Battery Powered Fairy LED Strings from LED Montreal come as 40 LED lights on a 4m long copper string (1 LED each 10cm) and in 7 different colors (pick the color from the drop down menu). They are perfect year-round decorations for weddings, parties, corporate events and other special occasions. You can incorporate the battery powered LED lights to your Halloween costume, as a safety feature when walking alone at night and of course to decorate for Christmas. Fairy LED Strings are small, light weight and can be easily carried around.

The Battery Powered Fairy LED Strings are also great for small displays where A/C powered lights can't reach. Perfect for when you want to create table decorations or flower arrangements without worrying about the location of an outlet.

4 meter long, 40 LEDs in total (pick the color from the drop down menu)
2 Modes: Flash and Always On
Will work for more than 20 hours in Always On mode or up to 60hours in Flash Mode

Package includes:
1 X 4 meter LED String with 40 LEDs
3 X AA Batteries (will allow for about 15 hours of uninterrupted use), YES, the batteries are included!

Available colors:
• warm white
• cool white
• red
• green
• blue
• pink
• multi color



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