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Magnetic Putty

Magnetic Putty takes regular "silly" putty and turns it into awesomeness. Like any other putty, it can be stretched, bounced, molded, popped, and torn. However, when this putty is in the presence of a magnetic field, it exhibits fascinating properties.

Unlike other putties that are coarse and hard, our putty is super soft and fine. This means that you won’t have to spend hours staring at your putty while crickets are signing before it starts moving! You will see it react quickly to magnetic fields and even create magnetic spikes and ridges in just seconds!

Millions of tiny micron-sized metal particles are embedded in each handful of Magnetic Thinking Putty. Use the included super-strong Neodymium magnet to control the putty. Magnetic Thinking Putty has a mind of its own. Near a powerful magnet it comes alive! You'll be mesmerized by the invisible forces at play.

Each pack includes 35 grams of Magnetic Putty + 1 1.2cm Super Strong Neodymium Magnet

Double your fun by adding additional magnets to your order! Each additional 1.2cm magnet is only $3.50, use the drop down menu to add more Neodymium magnets to your order

Extra Neodymium magnets are also available here


This product is not a toy and is not to be used by children. This product is to be used for scientific experiments or for industrial applications. This product contains strong Neodymium magnet(s) that can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Strong Neodymium magnets are fragile, they are brittle and will break or chip if they hit a hard surface or are snagged together. Always use the utmost care when handling Neodymium magnets. Before placing your order, please review the Warnings page.



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