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Nanodots GYRO

Nanodots GYROs are dipole magnets (i.e. with two magnetic poles) with powerful magnetic fields. Each GYRO can be used to model the interaction of tiny self-aligning magnets at a human scale. It exhibits this with an internal mechanism that moves independently of outside physical influences. A transparent encasement lets you see inside as the Neodymium magnets pivot and self-orient in every direction. Nanodots GYROs can be used as a compass, spherical gears, frictionless magnetic wheels... along with many other things you will come to discover. For tactile exploration, experimentation, or intriguing tabletop art, Nanodots GYROs are a curious mix of motion and magnetism. They are a great activity for hobby enthusiasts, an educational aid in an academic setting, and a fantastic scientific research tool.

Shapes can be made using multiple sets of GYROs and Magnet Proxies. There are four basic shapes used in all magnetic constructors: rings, squares, triangles and polygons, constructing these basic shapes of various sizes and combining them together, a shape pattern will begin to emerge. To achieve optimal shape stability, use a non-slippery surface.


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