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Nanodots Nanopad, magnetic balls mat

Nanopads are flexible game boards that are woven with iron threads. Nanodots and all other types of magnetic balls and magnets stick to it like glue. Nanopads are great to create complex shapes and patterns as they prevent your magnetic balls from sliding, rolling around and sticking to each other.

There are two versions of the Nanopad - the 16" and the 26". The 16” is $19.95 and the 26” is $29.95, they are both available online and at our store in Montreal QC, Canada. Both versions have a full sized chessboard on one side, perfect for building your own chess or checkers game set. The larger Nanopad26 also features a 13x13 grid for games like "GO".

The other side of the Nanopad is blank, which makes it an ideal surface for constructing intricate sculptures and designs that would otherwise not be possible.

Note that this item only includes the Nanopad, Nanodots magnetic balls are sold separately.

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