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Sound Controller for RGB LED Strips

This RGB LED Strip Sound Controller will allow you to connect and control up to 4 5 meter RGB LED strips for a total of 20 meters. Refer to the Sound Control RGB LED Strip Kits section for more info on strip configuration.

Control your multi-color RGB LED strip through music and take your RGB LED Strip to a completely new level. The LED Controller with sound control will change the colors of the RGB LED strip in sync with the beat of the music you are listening to. You can set the level of sound sensitivity to the surrounding sounds.

Sound option1: When there’s no sound LED lights are off, turns on and alternates color in sync with sound
Sound option 2: When there’s no sound LED lights will alternate color, color alternates in sync with sound

Comes with a multi function 24 key remote with different flash modes and color selection
You can also set it on a single color and adjust the brightness
Full RGB mode (red, green, blue) will enable you to select 16 individual solid colors
light pattern: Flash / Fade / sound 1 / sound 2
16 Speeds Control in Flash / Fade

Package Includes:
1- LED Sound Control Box/Receiver
1- 24 key sound remote control
Power and RGB LED connectors


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